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Carpet & Upholstery Protection

Now that your carpets, furniture and draperies are clean, keep them looking great and lasting longer with professionally applied fiber and fabric protection.

Professionally applied protector will:

  1. Add a protective shield to carpet fiber and furniture fabric

  1. Prevent spills from sinking deep into your carpet and upholstery

  1. Reduce permanent stains

  1. Keep your high traffic areas looking better

  1. Make spots easier to remove

  1. Make your professional cleaning last longer

Carpet Protector

We know you're looking for lasting results. That's why we offer teflon carpet protector after every professional carpet cleaning to protect your carpet from resoiling and stains. We highly recommend a protector application to all of our customers in Maine and New Hampshire for a couple of reasons:

Carpet protector will make your cleaning last longer. Carpet protector will make your high traffic areas look and feel clean longer because it protects against abrasion to the fibers.

It will also help stop your carpet from being stained indefinitely. Applying teflon carpet protector helps guard your investment in your carpet and its yearly cleaning.

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