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Restore Your Rug to Its Initial Appearance With Our Rug Cleaning

Send your rug to us and our rug cleaning experts will make it look like its original self. It could feel soft again, have crisp hues again, and even smell better. We can improve the lifespan and the beauty of your rug. Our rug cleaning technique consists of several steps, and these steps will change depending on the type of rug and the amount of cleaning needed.

We thoroughly look into every single rug to make sure we use the right cleaning technique for your item(s). One of the primary things we look for is any damage produced by fire or water, moths, pets, or anything else. We also test to see if the color will fade or run, and the cleaning process is adapted to the rug’s needs.

Pre-washing Your Area Rug

Your rug is put in a specialized machine and shaken to displace the dirt then vacuumed. Ground in dirt may damage your rug if it is not taken out, since it destroys carpet fibers.

The Initial Step of the Rug Cleaning Process

We permit the rug to soak in a pool to take out far more dirt, soil, and stains by being submerged in water. In this pool everything is fixed, such as the end of the carpet and any ornamental fringes.

Then we perform our second part of rug cleaning.

Conventional cleaning companies usually leave a residue of soap in the rug, and this in turn attracts dust and dirt so the rug gets dirty again quickly. Our company implements a unique cleaning method that saturates and then rinses rugs to ensure that no cleaning products are left behind.

Then we do drying and grooming.

We ensure that the pile of the rug is aligned rightly, then the rug and the fringes are combed softly. Then the area rug could be dried fast in a specialized room which creates optimal drying conditions for your rug. In the unique room, temperature, humidity levels and air flow over the carpet may all be custom-set in order to ensure you carpet dries well, with no water damage or spotting.

A fragrant scent is added after the rug is dried.

The fragrance that is included both helps to sanitize the rug and freshen up the room in which the rug is located. Customers are given an alternative of fragrance: Baby Power, Cherry, Lemon or Peach. The scent is applied to the pile of the rug to further fluff it up as well as keep it smelling lovely.

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