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Tile, Marble and Grouts Cleaning

Ceramic Maintenance and Care of tile and marble floor by polish, crystallize buffing of the floor, wall or countertop.

We then thoroughly rinse off surfaces a number of times in order to make sure that no cleaning materials remain.

Once we have completed cleaning the tiles and grout joints to your satisfaction.

We will:

Use the best pH neutral cleansing materials especially formulated for thoroughly cleaning ceramic tiles and grout joints.

Tile is an extremely hard-wearing, long-lasting flooring choice, but with extremely porous grout and some unglazed tile or natural stone, spills, dirt and other particles can easily soak into the flooring and cause major discoloration. Grout is notoriously difficult. The white grout looks beautiful on the hardware store showcase, but even after a few months of surviving under and around actual daily life, it quickly can discolor. A year or so later, you might not even remember the original color, or how beautifully it complimented your tile.

Once we have completed cleaning the tiles and grout joints to your satisfaction, we won't leave your home until the whole area is clean and dry.

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